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Jail and Bail Capture: Brian Miller

Posted on May 10th, 2017 | Posted in News

Brian “B” Miller has had the Jailhouse door slammed on him.

Brian is the owner of BeeHive Windows and Doors here in Sarnia. When not running his business he has been involved in Scouting and Minor Hockey. Brian also manages to play a little hockey himself from time to time.

It was during a pick-up hockey game that Brian committed the offence of Vandalism. Brian wound up and took a blistering slap shot that went out of control and broke a window in the second story viewing area.

It was totally unnecessary because the goalie was retired police officer Stu Bremner and it is well known that his”5 Hole” is the size of a beachball.

Brian “B” Miller is charged with: Willful Damage

His Bail hearing has been set for May 25, 2017; call him if you can help him with bail…or his slap shot.

Jail and Bail Capture

Posted on May 10th, 2017 | Posted in News

Will “GRAPES” Willemsen is the latest malfeasant to be picked off in the latest harvest.

Will is the owner of the SUNRIPE Stores and also sits on the Vineland Research Centre Advisory Board. When he was arrested he could be heard asking” orange you gonna tell me what the charge is?” Police have stated that because it is an ongoing investigation they would not provide further info.

Will has a Bail Hearing set for May 25, 2017, call him if you can help him with bail.

Jail and Bail Capture

Posted on May 8th, 2017 | Posted in News

Doug “SLIPPY” Slipacoff was captured during an attempt break away.

Doug is a fourth generation “scrapper” in the Sarnia area and is currently Manager at Trijan Industries. The term “scrapper” refers to the family scrap metal business and not his hockey career. Doug grew up playing competitive hockey and ended up in Philadelphia playing for Neumann University. He returned home to the family business and coached the Mooretown Flags.

It is this trip south of the border that has put “SLIPPY” in the penalty box.

Doug ‘SLIPPY” Slipacoff is charged with: Peddling a National Treasure in a Foreign Country

His Bail Hearing is set for May 25, 2017. If you wish to help Doug you may contact him directly.

Jail and Bail Capture

Posted on May 8th, 2017 | Posted in News

Jeff “ALF” Astofli is the next desperado to be sent to the “brig” during our latest dragnet.

Jeff is a former sailor in the Royal Canadian Navy serving for 6 years with tours in the Persian Gulf and the Caribbean. Thank you for your service Jeff.

Jeff is a millwright by trade and is now at the helm of Turbine Pro’s a Millwright Company docked here in Sarnia. Jeff is a very busy guy which brings us to his heinous “crime”.

Jeff “ALF” Astolfi is charged with: Failing to Join The Royal Canadian Legion.

His Bail Hearing is set for May 25, 2017. If you can assist Jeff please contact him at 519-384-2526

Jail and Bail Capture

Posted on May 8th, 2017 | Posted in News

Dave “GREENY” Pellegrini, like his hero JOKER, has found out you cannot hide from the law.

Dave is the owner of Sign Here Graphics and Window Tinting here in Sarnia. He keeps busy with his family, cycling and involvement with the Kidney Foundation.

Allegedly Davey “GREENY” Pellegrini can be a meany.

Dave “GREENY” Pellegrini is charged with: Being Nasty to Customers

His Bail Hearing has been set for May 25, 2017. If you can assist with bail money please contact Dave at 519-344-4242

Jail and Bail Capture

Posted on May 8th, 2017 | Posted in News

Norm “STORM “Williams has been captured during our latest sweep of “jailbirds.

Norm is the owner of Advanced Building Materials Inc., a family business for two generations in Sarnia. When Norm is not busy with the business and his two teenaged girls he likes to get in some hockey and golf. It is his busy schedule that probably got him arrested. Apparently he doesn’t have time to make a lunch and according to his fiancée Rachel he has been known to help himself to other people’s lunches.

Norm “STORM” Williams is charged with: Mooching from employee lunches.

His Bail Hearing has been set for May 25, 2017. If you can assist with bail money please contact Norm at 519-490-4856

Jail and Bail Capture

Posted on April 27th, 2017 | Posted in News

Chris “HITMAN” Hart has been picked up for our “Jail and Bail”. Chris is the owner of NYCE Outdoor Living Inc. here in Sarnia. When Chris”HITMAN” is not working he enjoys music, sports, time with family, and as is evident in his mugshot, impersonating a police officer.

His oFence is in fact impersonating a police officer. He was arrested while “decked” out in the above attire, and yes the 70’s moustache is real. The arrest report does not state whether he was cuffed with his own handcuffs or not.

If you can assist Chris to make bail please contact him. Over

We Hooked Up Another One

Posted on April 27th, 2017 | Posted in News

Will “GILLIGAN” Truesdell has been caught in our latest sweep that netted several “jailbirds”. When he is not running the Wharf Fish and Chips Wil is a “horse whisperer”. Gilligan is a third generation operator of a fish and chip establishment here in Sarnia. He is also the son of Sarnia icon Tuffy Truesdale, an alligator and bear wrestler.

Wil “GILLIGAN” Truesdell stands charged with: Failing to have a fishing license.

He is pictured here on surveillance footage carrying in the evidence through the back door, the catch of the day.

If you can help Wil make bail please contact him.

Dave “LAND-LOVER” Brown

Posted on April 19th, 2017 | Posted in News

Dave” Land-Lover” Brown is the latest “Jailbird” to be picked up in the Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers “Jail and Bail” sweep. This busy “Jailbird” was not an easy capture because he is constantly on the move. Running Bridgeview Marina leaves him with very little spare time. Even if he had more time ,you would probably not find him in a boat because he prefers land.

He is charged under the Seafarers Act for : Failing to possess a pair of sea legs.

If you feel it necessary to help Dave out with bail money please contact him.

Jail and Bail

Posted on April 7th, 2017 | Posted in News

Charles “THE CHAMP” Pfeifer is our latest jailbird looking for bail money. Charles is the owner of a home inspection business named Champion Inspection Services Inc. Many may remember Charles as one of Sarnia’s best dressed men who assisted many a guy to become a “sharped dressed man”.

Charles “THE CHAMP” Pfiefer says that like many business owners he puts in long hours but being self-employed is very rewardable.

It is this herculean work ethic and long hours that have led to “THE CHAMPS” charge of: Failing to take a break.

“THE CHAMP” was recently stopped by uniform officers in the early morning hours inspecting a dog house on a client’s property. During conversation with Charles the officers noted he was displaying the usual signs of overwork, dark circles under his eyes and mumbled speech. For his own wellbeing he was apprehended

If you can assist Charles with bail please contact him at 519-312-4539