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Crime Stoppers is a non-profit, community-driven program that relies on help from citizens, the media and the police. If your tips lead to an arrest or charges being laid, you may receive a cash award. Crime Stoppers relies on donations from private citizens, organizations, local businesses, and fundraising activities. Callers are issued code numbers and 100% anonymity is guaranteed. We do not subscribe to caller display services, and will not accept tips through e-mail . For every dollar paid out in Canada, $50 in property and drugs is recovered. There are over 1100 programs in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and around the world. Crime Stoppers has been proven effective against crime, making communities safer.

Crime Stoppers is a registered, non-profit community oriented program that relies on help from the citizens, media and our local police, in conjunction with other jurisdictions. We are governed by a volunteer civilian board under the direction of our civilian coordinators.

Our Vision:  To be the leading nonprofit organization to promote peace and prosperity by reducing crime in Canada through cooperative efforts of police, media and the community.

Our Mission: To promote safer communities by encouraging residents to identify and report crime.


The present coordinators are Tim Brown and Heather Emmons.


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