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Crime Stoppers & Allstate Insurance (Sarnia) Present – the Sarnia Police Security Camera Registry

Posted on November 5th, 2020 | Posted in News
Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers together with Allstate Insurance is proud to support the Sarnia Police Service ‘Security Camera Registry’
More and more people have security cameras in their homes these days. Footage from these videos can help the police in many different investigations.
Soooo, if you live in Sarnia, AND one or more of your cameras face the street or the front of your house (doorbell cam?) AND if you want to help solve crime in your neighbourhood, then check out the FAQ’s on the Sarnia Police Website….
Sign up today and help the police to help you !!


COVID-19 and Crime Stoppers…

Posted on May 11th, 2020 | Posted in News

We would like to let everyone know that Sarnia-Lambton Crime Stoppers continues to receive and direct your tips throughout this COVID-19 global pandemic.  Our Board of Directors will continue to approve reward payouts for tipsters whose information leads to an arrest are still eligible for cash rewards!!

We can still be reached through social media – Facebook @lambtoncrimestoppers and Twitter @lambtoncrime and of course your tips can still be phoned in at 1-800-222 TIPS(8477) or online at P3 Tips

FUNDRAISING:  Our fundraising this year has really taken a hit.   A lot of our fundraising comes from events like…

  • our spring “Rock n Bowl”,
  • our signature “Virtual Jail n Bail”,
  • our summertime “Cruise for Crime”,
  • our Halloween “Rock n Bowl”,

have all been cancelled but will definitely return in 2021.

Our popular Annual Charity Golf Tournament has been going strong for 33 years running… until this year.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t commit to it this year… but it will be back for sure in September of 2021.

Watch for us at virtual parades in Sarnia Lambton and through our social media accounts.

We wish you good health throughout this pandemic and hopefully we can all get back to normal operations very soon.

Allstate Donates to Crime Stoppers

Posted on June 6th, 2019 | Posted in News

Crime Stoppers thanks Chris Tomkins and his great team at Allstate in Sarnia for the generous donation of $1000.00 to Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers. It’s our community partnerships that allow our program to survive and flourish in the community. Thank you Chris Tomkins once again for all you do for Crime Stoppers. If you would like to help our essential program please reach out and donate anytime !

5 – Pin Bowling is Back…

Posted on March 20th, 2019 | Posted in News

Our Spring 5 Pin Rock and Bowl fundraiser is back at Marcin Bowl

Friday, April 12, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Cost $35.00 per person includes 3 games, shoe rental and pizza courtesy of Rondo’s… and prizes!!

Must enter a four person team (12 teams only)

Call for a registration package. 519-344-8861 ext 5204…


Simply email us at with the following information – Number of Teams, Team Name(s) & Bowlers’ names.

Payment at the Bowling Alley

Get your team together now and let us know that you’ll be there so we’ll be sure to have enough Rondo’s Pizza

Today’s the DAY! Jail and Bail!

Posted on May 30th, 2018 | Posted in 2018 Jail and Bail

Check social media at 9am today! We’re going LIVE for our Jail and Bail!

Here are our last three jailbirds!

Virtual Jail and Bail TOMORROW AT 9AM

Posted on May 29th, 2018 | Posted in 2018 Jail and Bail

Mrs. Ash… shhhhhhh

Doug, better find your records! You’re going before the judge!

Coach… get your game together!

We’ve picked up some more Jailbirds!

Posted on May 25th, 2018 | Posted in 2018 Jail and Bail

Bucky Bain… I bet it was still a BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!

Selling below market values Sylvie? Tsk tsk! {When can I set up an appointment?}


One…two…three… alllll the vitamins! Thank you Subhash for taking part in our jail and bail!

We would like to thank all of our Jailbirds so far for taking part this year! Your support helps our community stay safe!

JAILBIRDS: Truesdale, Tius, and Williams

Posted on May 24th, 2018 | Posted in 2018 Jail and Bail

Well Truesdale, fishing without a license is a serious offence… we suggest you look into it.

One must always be careful of what they say…

Pack a lunch Williams!

Jail and Bail – JAILBIRDS!

Posted on May 24th, 2018 | Posted in 2018 Jail and Bail

Sorry Mr. Christie…. You’re a wanted man! Wanted for all the amazing business deals you do!

Chris Hart…. Tsk tsk…. Acting like a cop again! Didn’t we already pick you up for this!?

The biggest badest coffee breath around….. Barnzie…. You gotta do something about that!

Dave! No sea legs!!??? It doesn’t make sense… J

Poor little bugs! Someone find this man!

Those fast fingers are going to be cuffed soon!

Jail and Bail Update!

Posted on May 23rd, 2018 | Posted in 2018 Jail and Bail

Our 2018 Virtual Jail and Bail is only 7 days away! We have a couple more jailbirds for your viewing convenience today!

Dr. Sandra “Puppy Eyes” Taylor is charged with bribing officers with puppy cuteness!

Will “Grapes” Willemsen is charged with a “bunch” of charges!

Please stay tuned! More Jailbirds coming soon!