This week, Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers is making an urgent plea to drivers to ‘buckle up’ as we approach the Easter long weekend.  Wearing a seatbelt has been proven time and time again to save lives in a collision.

Last year, 47 people were killed in OPP-investigated motor vehicle collisions in which failure to wear a seatbelt was a factor in the deaths.

So far this year, the OPP has laid close to 1,000 seatbelt charges.

Excuses range from ‘I’m only driving a short distance’… ‘I’m driving slowly’… ‘They’re uncomfortable’… ‘Airbags will save me’… they all sound so silly at the scene of a serious motor vehicle collision.

Education and enforcement are key tools to preventing fatal collisions.  ‘Buckle up’ is not only for the driver but for passengers and children.

Traffic will be heavy this weekend, both in town and on the highway.  Crime Stoppers reminds you to drive safely, drive defensively and ‘buckle up’.  Someone needs you to arrive safely.  Don’t let them down.

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