A1 Security – Crime of the Week


At 1:30 in the afternoon on Monday, July 11th a citizen alerted the police to a handgun lying in the grass in the Exmouth St & Capel St area in Sarnia.

A LOADED .22 caliber handgun with an extended, high-capacity magazine.  In the grass.  Out in the open for anyone to see or grab.  This is not a needle or some kind of discarded drug paraphernalia.  It’s a loaded firearm!

School is out.  It could easily have been some random kid who found this gun, picked it up and the ending to this story could have been tragic.

As a community, we should be outraged that some irresponsible thug thought it was a good idea to toss this gun out in the open or carry it around so carelessly that it dropped without him or her knowing.

You might not hang around with the type of criminal that would do this but maybe if we share this post with enough people, we can reach someone who knows who had this gun last Monday.

This is exactly why Crime Stoppers exists.  Someone can pass the information on to us and remain anonymous.  We’ll pass it on to investigators right away and if the information leads to an arrest or charges, we have a cash reward waiting.

Cash for anonymous information.  Great concept.  Do the right thing.

Make the call that pays.   1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

Or get the P3 Tips app and leave your tip online.  It’s just as anonymous as the phone.

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