A1 Security Crime of the Week

As people intensify their efforts to buy the perfect gift for that special someone they will be attending the malls and other shopping centres in full force.


Unfortunately, certain other individuals will be attending those same areas to take advantage of those who have left items in their vehicles.


Some simple tips to avoid falling victim could be:


Keep anything of value or that may be tempting out of sight (in the trunk or covered up)

If someone witnesses a person who is looking through vehicles or attempting to see if vehicles are unlocked, please contact the police to have it checked out.

Finally, and most importantly, “LOCK YOUR VEHICLE”.

By keeping these simple points in mind, a lot of heart ache can be avoided.


Members of the Sarnia Police Service will be visiting parking lots and checking vehicles to ensure they are locked and that valuables are out of sight. A small brochure will be left on your windshield if the vehicle is checked to tell you how you did.

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