A1 Security – Crime of the Week


Email Scams Continue…

Even during these troubling times, the “email scams” continue to roll into your inbox. Some are cleverly worded in an effort to either gain access to your computer, to get your personal information or to get you to send money to them.

Some scams however are so obvious that they are almost funny. Take for instance the email that was sent to Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers last week… This email politely explained that there was an explosive device in the building and it would go off if Crime Stoppers didn’t pay them $20,000 in Bitcoin. They even went so far as threatening to detonate the device if there was any suspicious activity or police attending the building!!

Needless to say, there are plenty of police officers at the Police Station and there was never any explosive device involved in this scam – because that’s what this is… a SCAM.

This one may not fool anyone but others are not as easy to spot. Stay vigilant and suspicious of emails or texts that ask you for your personal information or money.

Stay informed… The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre just published a new FRAUD ALERT on their website at Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre .

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