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Instead of featuring a recent crime, we’ve decided to promote this recently introducedprogram at the Sarnia Police Service

Overview of Program


Details of Program


Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers together with Allstate Insurance – (Sarnia Agency) is proud to support the Sarnia Police Service ‘Security Camera Registry’

 More and more people have security cameras in their homes these days. We’ve all seen videos online showing a thief or violent thug in the act of a crime or running away right after.  Maybe footage from YOUR video camera could be helpful to the police…  in one of their many different investigations.   

Participation in this exciting program is VOLUNTARY !  If a crime is committed and video is located in the area, the owner or lessee of the premises may be contacted to allow investigators to view the video footage.

You could help solve crime and make your neighborhood a safer place!

So, if you

  • live in Sarnia,
  • AND one or more of your cameras face the street or the front of your house (doorbell cam?)
  • AND if you want to help solve crime in your neighbourhood,
  • then check out the FAQ’s on the Sarnia Police Website…. https://www.sarniapolice.com/camera-registry/

 Over 150 people have signed up so far!  To register… just fill in the online form and if something serious happens in your area, you may be approached by the investigators asking if you’d like to check your video footage to see if you captured anything on your camera.  It’s that easy.

 Sign up today and help the police to help you !!

Watch for the information pamphlet distributed in your Bluewater Power bill


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