A1 Security Crime of the Week


Summer is nearing and once again police will be taking a proactive approach when it comes to the rules of the road as they apply to the popular Canatara Park area.  Residents should not have to deal with  speeding, loud mufflers and squealing tires.   On May 26th and 27th Sarnia Police along with the Ontario Provincial Police laid 19 charges during a two-day enforcement blitz in and around the park roadways .

The area will be monitored regularly.  This enforcement will also involve the popular “Cove” beach area at the end of Sandy Lane, behind the apartment buildings.   Part of that area belongs to the residents of the Sandy Lane apartments and the property owners have taken extra steps to ensure those residents can enjoy the beach area in a safe and pleasant manner.   This includes proper signage regarding trespassing and the installation of video cameras.  Police will enforce all laws as it pertains to trespassing  and any liquor act violations.

As the Province prepares to lift restrictions in relation to lockdown rules, police services are prepared to continue keeping all of our roadways and all of our public parks safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorist in the upcoming summer season.




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