A1 Security – “Tip” of the Week

Today’s “Tip of the Week” is directed to you, the reader or anyone else who is considering using our secure, anonymous Crime Stoppers program.  Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers wants to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that all tips, whether submitted online or by phone, are treated in the strictest of confidence and your identity will always remain anonymous.

Our hotline at 1-800-222-(TIPS)8477 is answered 24 hours a day.  When calling in your tip, our friendly operator will welcome you to the tip line and ask you a few questions to help you recall as many details as possible which will enhance the value and usefulness of your tip. We will not ask for any of your personal information and we don’t use call display or any other phone tracking service.

For tips submitted online, we use a highly secure online web portal called “P3 Tips” to input and save your tip information in a centralized database (www.p3tips.com)

The online submission method also allows you to upload videos, audio files and photos that can greatly enhance the value, accuracy and usefulness of your tip.  We have been receiving some very useful and detailed tips lately and we’d like you to know how to make your tip even better.

For more details on how to make your tip standout and be as valuable as it can, check out our website at www.sarnialambtoncrimestoppers.org





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