A1 Security Crime of the Week

Wiper Swiper

On January 10, 2022, an unknown male arrived on foot around 2 AM at the Esso Gas bar in Grand Bend and stole four jugs of windshield wiper fluid.  Although not a high-end theft, this shameless thief stole something that could be quite valuable to a driver in need.  The security camera at the location captured the theft and it is reported the suspect left on foot from the location carry the goods.

Someone will recognize this person.  Check out the distinctive footwear!  Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or go online at www.p3tips.com.  Your information could help solve this crime and you could receive a cash reward.  Your reward would most likely be worth more than what this stole!

With this theft in mind, please be prepared for the oncoming winter weather conditions.  Make sure your car is in good operating condition and well equipped with the necessary items if you get caught in a snow storm.  A small shovel, snow scraper and brush, a blanket, a candle, matches and a “need assistance” sign.  These things could be of great use to you and your passengers on a bad weather day.

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