A1 Security Crime of the Week – April 17, 2020

More Graffiti in Petrolia… UPDATE >>> CRIME SOLVED

Petrolia businesses and privately owned buildings continue to be the target of spray painted graffiti on their outside walls.  Earlier this spring residents began to notice a pattern of the same design being spray painted on walls all around town.

Lambton OPP are investigating as the number of incidents keeps rising.  The logo, shown in pictures here has been painted on at least 10 surfaces around town.  GIZMO appears to be the tag.

Victims of these crimes are stuck with either leaving the unsightly graffiti on the walls or repainting the entire area.  Removal is not usually an option.  Either way, the costs add up for these businesses – most of who are just barely hanging on as it is.

Let’s look out for one another during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  We probably won’t catch the ‘perp’ in the act but we might hear something – or our kids or family members might hear about who’s doing this.  Whoever is behind this probably isn’t by himself/herself when it occurs… or at least he/she has been bragging about it >>> that’s for sure.

All lot of these crimes are solved just by someone calling Crime Stoppers.  Now you can just log in at www.p3tips.com and submit your tip online… or call 1-800-222-TIPS(8477) – either way, you stay anonymous and if your tip leads to an arrest, boom, you’re eligible for a CA$H reward… Win-Win.

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