A1 Security Crime of the Week – Stolen Mini-Excavator

Sometime overnight on Sunday, November 24, 2019 suspects hooked up to a tandem trailer on a vacant lot in The Rapids subdivision – just north of Michigan Ave, in Sarnia and drove away with the trailer and the CAT Mini – Excavator that was sitting on it. The CAT excavator is commonly known as a smaller ‘back-hoe’ type of machine typically used in small construction jobsites such as home building and landscaping.

This particular piece of machinery is valued at almost $50,000 and the trailer alone is worth $5,000. The culprits knew what they were looking for and came prepared, likely with a pickup truck to tow the trailer and excavator away.

The trailer is pictured in the accompanying photograph and shows tandem axles and ramps that fold down to drive the excavator off the rear of the trailer. These items belong to WICKS Construction and there was a large black and white WICKS sticker on the side of the excavator. It also has the model number “303.5” in white on the side of the cab. The cab is enclosed and the front windshield has a crack in it.

Theft of construction equipment is not uncommon; however the theft of such a large, valuable excavator like this is quite unique in this area. Often times the equipment is altered by the thieves to disguise its appearance and in many cases the equipment stays local and continues being used by the thieves or by whoever acquired it from the thief.

If you have seen one of these excavators mysteriously show up on a construction site or in someone’s yard or compound this week and if you suspect it may be the one in this photo, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submit your tip online at www.p3tips.com or call the Sarnia Police at 519-344-8861

With Crime Stoppers, you remain anonymous and if your tip leads to the recovery of stolen property or the arrest of an individual, you may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000. The owners of this excavator are very motivated to recover their property.


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