A1 Security – TIP of the Week

Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers is reminding listeners and followers to take ‘Back to School Safety’ seriously.  We sometimes need to be reminded that we all have a responsibility to keep our students safe – whether it’s on the street, in the school or even at home during online learning.

Drivers are reminded to slow down and stay off mobile devices while driving.  There will be many more kids and students walking and riding bikes on our streets beginning next week.  Leave yourself lots of time to get where you’re going and be aware of school zones.

Students are reminded to stay alert while walking or cycling and they too should put away their devices when they should be paying attention to traffic and other hazards.  Listening to music instead of traffic can put you in grave danger.

Parents are reminded that online safety is a major concern for students who are learning online at home.  It’s so easy to click on the wrong link or give out personal information to the wrong person or website.  Make sure your ‘at home students’ are aware of unseen online dangers.

Stay safe folks!!


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