The agricultural harvesting season is upon us!  The Lambton Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is urging all motorists to be aware of and be courteous to our community farming members.

This is the time of year when we encounter an increase in the number of farm vehicles on our roadways.  Farmers are required to comply with regulations related to proper lighting, means of attachment, and use of slow moving vehicle signs. As the motoring public we need to slow down, use caution and have patience with the farm tractors and the implements of husbandry.  Regardless of who has the lawful “right of way”; a passenger car vs a farming tractor and a load of wagons will result is disaster!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when sharing the roadway with farm equipment:

  • Recognize slow moving vehicles by the orange triangle and use caution.
  • Realize that farm vehicles travel between 30-40 km/h.  Slow down when you see farm equipment on the road and be prepared to stop.
  • Watch for left turns.  Not all farm vehicles have turn signals – watch for farmer’s signalling a turn using the same hand signals as a bicycle rider.
  • Be aware that farmers with long or broad equipment sometimes need to make a wide turn.  If a tractor swings right, be careful, it may be starting a left turn.
  • The farmer may be unable to pull off of the road due to equipment weight or shoulder issues.  If you must pass, wait for the safest opportunity to do so.
  • Leave a wide berth when passing.  Some farm equipment takes up more than one lane and some farming equipment may have structural parts protruding that can be hard to see.
  • When finished passing, don’t stop or slow down in front of the farm vehicle because large equipment can’t brake as quickly as a car.

Please be courteous with farm vehicle operators and treat them as you would any other vehicle on the roadway.

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