Large Commercial Vehicle on City Streets

The Sarnia Police would like to remind truckers and drivers of any commercial vehicle who are not making a delivery to a local business, that they are not permitted to operate their heavy vehicles within the City of Sarnia limits.

City police have seen an increase in the number of large commercial trucks entering the city from Highway 402 in an effort to avoid the line up towards the Bluewater Bridge.  There is a sign on westbound 402 near the Modeland Road exit advising commercial vehicles of the approximate wait time.  Although frustrating for the drivers, it does not give cause to exit at Modeland Road and drive through the city in attempt to get closer to the bridge.

Once stopped by police, “purchasing gas” or “getting a coffee” is no excuse for continuing your drive down London Line onto Exmouth Street and attempting to merge onto the 402 again at Indian Road or Christina Street.  You must get back onto the 402 at Modeland or Airport Roads.

Recently, the police have had to close off the Front Street entrance to the bridge due to heavy congestion.  This is very inconvenient for regular, non-commercial vehicles who are simply wishing to get onto the bridge.

The fine for “Disobey Highway Sign” under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act is $110 and a loss of two demerit points from the driver’s license.

The city of Sarnia also has a by-law prohibiting trucks that are not making local deliveries, from driving on city streets.  Complaints are received daily regarding this issue.

Patrol officers monitor the situation regularly, especially when is it a busy day on westbound Highway 402.


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