Opereation Pot Spot

                                                                               “OPERATION POT SPOT”

Are you a pilot, or do you know someone who is a pilot? Do you take hikes in the bush lots in Sarnia Lambton? If so, Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers would like you to know about “Operation Pot Spot.” Marihuana growers will soon be planting their marihuana plants among corn crops, along creek beds, and in bush lots to grow for the summer. These plants are easy to spot from the air. We are asking pilots to call us with GPS coordinates of marihuana plants. If you are a hiker and come across some plants, do not approach them, but rather, leave the area and call us with the location of the plants you have discovered. We’ll give the directions to the police, they will harvest the plants, and you can collect a cash reward!

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