2018 Jail and Bail

We’ve picked up some more Jailbirds!

Bucky Bain… I bet it was still a BEAUTIFUL HOUSE! Selling below market values Sylvie? Tsk tsk! {When can I set up an appointment?} THANK YOU DAVE NICOLAI… Best behaved. One…two…three… alllll the vitamins! Thank you Subhash for taking part in our jail and bail! We would like to thank all of our Jailbirds so

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Jail and Bail – JAILBIRDS!

Sorry Mr. Christie…. You’re a wanted man! Wanted for all the amazing business deals you do! Chris Hart…. Tsk tsk…. Acting like a cop again! Didn’t we already pick you up for this!? The biggest badest coffee breath around….. Barnzie…. You gotta do something about that! Dave! No sea legs!!??? It doesn’t make sense… J

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Jail and Bail Update!

Our 2018 Virtual Jail and Bail is only 7 days away! We have a couple more jailbirds for your viewing convenience today! Dr. Sandra “Puppy Eyes” Taylor is charged with bribing officers with puppy cuteness! Will “Grapes” Willemsen is charged with a “bunch” of charges! Please stay tuned! More Jailbirds coming soon!

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2018 Virtual Jail and Bail Kickoff!

Hello everyone! It’s time for our 2018 Virtual Jail and Bail, and today we have our first 4 Jailbirds listed below! The event this year will take place on May 30th at the Sarnia Police Station, and will be broadcast through Facebook Live! If you would like to donate towards your choice of Jailbird to

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